Molly Shanahan’s Eye Cycle: Arithmetic of Shadows–part of a project that began in 2003 with Eye Cycle–is gentle, honorable, and brainy. Josh Weckesser’s fluid lighting, Shanahan’s video projections, Kevin O’Donnell’s music, and soft, repetitive dancing by Shanahan and Kristina Fluty all contribute to a dreamy sense of meditation. Missing, however, are development and communication–I could have stayed home and thought about Shanahan’s subject, “the ephemerality of movement in regards to light, shadow, framing, reflection, and perspective.” As you discover in the book Glance, which documents the piece’s creative evolution and is supplied gratis to viewers, part of the purpose was to avoid purpose, a daunting sort of Zen exercise. But as a result the piece’s extensive documentation–which also includes performance artifacts (red petticoats, a white slip) and postshow discussions–becomes crucial to understanding it. Through 6/12: Thu-Sun 8 PM. Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, 773-281-0824. $15. Note: A discussion follows each performance.