Guitarists Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar have covered a variety of styles in their 15-year recording partnership: garage psychedelia in Crystalized Movements and Vermonster, instrumental space rock in B.O.R.B., and proggy raga rock in Magic Hour. For the guiding principle behind it all, though, one need only check the name of Magic Hour’s debut LP–No Excess Is Absurd (on the couple’s Twisted Village label). Regardless of what band they’re in, you can be sure that before the night’s out the music will have gone quite out of control. Rogers, who sings in a quasi-Celtic drone, is prone to chasing manically about the stage, as though by doing so he might catch the piercing notes that rush from his fingers. Biggar may not sing into the mike but she isn’t shy about using one, or any object she finds onstage, to savage her instrument; sometimes she simply yanks out the strings in order to obtain bitter gales of feedback. Biggar and Rogers bring two very different bands to town as part of Twisted Village’s Rolling Revolution tour. Major Stars, their quartet with bassist Tom Leonard and drummer Dave Lynch, uses headbanging riffs as launching pads for extended rock jams. Heathen Shame, a trio with trumpeter Greg Kelley, dispenses with songs altogether and plunges into a maelstrom of freely improvised distortion. The other two bands on the bill are ultraprimitive new-wave revivalists L.A. Drugs and a ridiculously sloppy boogie band called Life Partners. Sunday, May 25, 9 PM, Fireside Bowl, 2646 W. Fullerton; 773-486-2700.