MAMACITA: TALES OF A DIAPER DIVA, Lakeshore Theater. Don’t be fooled by the title. Patti Vasquez’s show includes no smelly-Pampers jokes. “I made a person–how freaky is that?” she says, focusing on the experience: the incontinence, the flatulence, the touchy-feely attentions of strangers, the dubious comfort offered by postpartum survivors, the relentless idealism of the medical profession.

Vasquez speaks to her audience as if to a roomful of girlfriends, even sitting on the edge of the stage at one point. Her material includes a few naughty quips and funny faces, but her delivery never falls into the lockstep tempo associated with stand-up, and her candor never displays that genre’s hostile vulgarity. Her amiability extends to the fathers, although descriptions graphic enough to make an obstetrician blush may drive out all but the most devoted dads. All these factors make this one-woman show, a revision of the Mamacita seen earlier this year, a welcome addition to the burgeoning canon of gynecentric comedy.