Mama’s Boy, a Jimmy Darley Production. Ginny Boyd requires constant medical attention, but her son Danny will not hear of putting her in a nursing home. What keeps this pair in SRO squalor? Is it Danny’s obsessive–perhaps incestuous–devotion to his septuagenarian mother, or the fortune in insurance benefits he expects to receive upon her death?

Jimmy Darley’s play Mama’s Boy initially promises a dry and didactic exploration of geriatric abuse. But then the plot suddenly veers into Joe Orton territory, as Danny, his nosy neighbor Maggie, and his quack-preacher cousin Adam chase one another around the deathbed. The darkly farcical antics succeed largely due to Shaun Landry as Maggie and Tony Mockus Jr. as Adam: their deftly focused portrayals of nebulously written characters give this naive romp professional polish.

–Mary Shen Barnidge