“The human being is just stomach and sex,” declares an overwhelmed priest in this ribald Brazilian feature (2002, 100 min.), enunciating its equation of the carnal with the carnivorous. Set in a steamy coastal town, it takes place mostly at a popular bodega, whose beautiful spitfire owner is fed up with men, and at a nearby flophouse, whose flamboyant gay cook can’t get enough of them. Among the other offbeat characters are a drug dealer who likes to lick corpses and a slaughterhouse worker who reveres his pious wife but satisfies himself sexually with a local shop owner. Some of these characters made their debuts in screenwriter Hilton Lacerda and director Claudio Assis’s 1999 short Texas Hotel; this follow-up has the depth and detail of a fully imagined, if slightly skewed, world. In Portuguese with subtitles. A 35-millimeter print will be shown. Gene Siskel Film Center.