Winner of the 2003 Christopher Wetzel Award for Independent Film Comedy, this madcap 2002 farce opens with corporate nebbish Martin (Ian Roberts) being released from the hospital after a suicide attempt (he cleans up the blood in his bathroom to a brassy rendition of “Put On a Happy Face”). His first therapy session is cut short when Dr. Orloff (Matt Walsh), his rip-roaring, cigar-chomping psychiatrist, realizes he’s late for a softball game. Dragging his patient along (“This will be good for you”), the good doctor embroils Martin in a series of adventures. Walsh, Roberts, and Katie Roberts–all members of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe–wrote the razor-sharp dialogue, and the stars (both alumni of Second City and students of Del Close at ImprovOlympic) easily negotiate the outrageous turns of plot. H. Jon Benjamin is a real live wire as the doctor’s obnoxious softball buddy, who shits in people’s sinks for laughs (“It’s OK,” Orloff tells Martin. “He was in Desert Storm”). Lawrence Blume directed; with Andy Richter and David Cross (Mr. Show). 86 min. Gene Siskel Film Center.