Writer, spoken-word performer, and snow-globe artist Marvin Tate went big and bold as the front man of D-Settlement, a large, chaotic funk party of a band. On his first solo album, Family Swim (IVR), he takes a different tack entirely: with multi-instrumentalist and regular collaborator LeRoy Bach (of Wilco and 5ive Style fame) he creates a subtle hoodoo brew of gospel and cabaret, spiked with a dash of Tom Waits. Walking bass, percussive piano, and soul choruses cast a spell powerful enough to keep even the most feral listener quiet through the spoken-word bits. It’s a great achievement from an artist who’s well respected in the local literary scene but sorely underrated in the music one. This party celebrates the album’s release and Make magazine’s fifth issue, “The City in Biography.” Through September 3 Tate also has a regular Monday gig at the Hideout under the alias Bobby Albright, singing obscure soul covers with a band that includes the likes of Bach, Dan Bitney, Azita Youssefi, Matt Lux, and Emmett Kelly. Tonight he plays with Bach, Kelly, and Ryan Rapsys. Adam Fitz and Eyes Ears Nose open; Matt Fields DJs after the show. a 8:30 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433, $8 (includes a copy of Make magazine). –Monica Kendrick