Stephen Belber’s comedy drama features one fabulous character: 62-year-old Tobi, a bisexual dancer-choreographer with lots of ripsnortin’ throwaway lines. The two others are a married couple who arrive at his apartment, doggedly pursuing the agenda that ostensibly gives this rambling, overlong work a through line. In Lauren Golanty’s staging for Appetite Theatre, Michael D. Graham has a ball as the bitchy, irresponsible, very funny dancer. Krista Forster does her womanly best with the role of the saintly wife, and Christopher C. Cariker is convincingly threatening as her angry husband. Though Belber’s script has some intellectual pretensions, ultimately the characters’ changes are predictable. What’s not is Tobi, who in the second act becomes desperate to give the wife something, anything: a sweater, cunnilingus. Through 7/1: Thu-Sun 8 PM, Stage Left Theatre, 3408 N. Sheffield, 773-275-1931, $12-$15, $20 two-for-one Sun 6/18, industry nights Thu (except opening).