About a year after King Edward VIII abdicated to many an American commoner, London audiences were treated to this piece of fluff about a Cockney tramp who inherits a noble title and tries to give it up to keep his fishmonger girlfriend. Me and My Girl ran for five years after its 1937 debut; its 1986 revival proved the show retained its spunky appeal. This touring production features James Brennan, who blends the playfully raffish charm of a Cary Grant, the manic mischief of a Danny Kaye, and the robustly graceful dancing of a Gene Kelly. Whether athletically bouncing off the furniture to escape the clutches of a sexy schemer (a very funny Barbara Passolt), tap-dancing with a magically resurrected, hunchbacked Richard III, or strutting through the bumptious “Lambeth Walk,” Brennan is a delightfully elastic and likable clown and leading man. The whole show, with cheerily corny songs by Noel Gay and Douglas Furber and an endless procession of puns, sight gags, and music-hall mayhem, has a goofy sweetness that today’s more glitzy spectacles can’t begin to match. Auditorium Theatre, through October 16 (50 E. Congress, 922-2110). Tonight through Saturday, 8 PM; Sunday, 6 PM; matinee Saturday, 2 PM. $5.50-$35.