Credit: William Frederking

COLEctive Notions—Margi Cole’s mentoring project for Dance COLEctive members—has really taken off in its second year. Working under Cole’s tutelage but free to reject her suggestions, as they made clear at a rehearsal, six dancers have choreographed a new piece apiece. Each of the three I saw had its own distinctive movement and purpose. Yet Cole’s touch for psychologically intriguing work was present in all of them. Kaitlin Bishop’s cleverly structured Epilogue opens with spare, disaffected moves, then takes us back to their dramatic origins. Alaina Murray’s elegant On Second Thought expresses anxious indecision as it alternates between space-eating movements and pinched gestures. And, set to the Chicago Underground Trio’s alternately techno-influenced and Bitches Brew-like jazz, Olivia May’s Niche gives symbiotic relationships in nature a chilling human form. Molly Grimm-Leasure’s Strangest, Maggie Koller’s Peripheral Distance, and Jessica Post’s Brushing by, Sweeping Through complete the program.