Eleffant Foot Co.’s hour-long Mezza Verita (“Half Truth”) is like a cross between a Fellini film and an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Masha Core and Sandro Gvardioshvili create dozens of characters in the course of a meandering story about itinerant actors who happen upon a castle. At least I think that’s what it was about–the largely improvised phantasmagoric scenes change swiftly and unexpectedly. Core’s most memorable character is an elderly professor fond of tapping his nose; Gvardioshvili plays his daughter, a googly-eyed little girl who seems to have the brain of a mosquito. He also plays all four characters in a scene depicting a meeting between a Bush-like demagogue, his southern-belle sidekick, a disapproving Brit, and a sinister Russian/Middle Eastern man on a mission. Late in the game Core interjects a weird dance by two broccoli spears as well as metatheatrical musings that are genuinely thought-provoking. Core and Gvardioshvili, both from former Soviet republics, attended the London International School of Performing Arts, and their expertise shows at every turn. Ivan Trava’s beautiful hand-painted scrims and strange masklike sculptures transform the bare-bones space. a Through 12/23: Thu-Sun 7:30 PM, Peter Jones Gallery, 1806 W. Cuyler, 773-425-7394, suggested donation $12.