Though house DJ Miles Maeda lived in Chicago for most of the 90s, becoming one of the most popular jocks on the midwest rave circuit, his move to San Diego in 1998 was probably inevitable. Maeda’s spinning has always felt more west coast than midwestern: his style is slightly slippery, whereas typical Chicago house is squared off and forthright, and his sets share the blissfully tripped-out ambience of such San Francisco-based clubland neopsychedelicists as the Hardkiss Brothers. That’s the sound he proffers on the 2000 Panhandle Records mix CD A Tourist’s Guide to the Realization of Your Own Buddha Nature, layering and collaging his favorite tracks from the SF house label’s catalog. On tunes like Ra Soul’s “Soul Emotion” and Tony Senghore’s “Sparks,” sampled vocal mantras bubble up through expansive Latin percussion and rippling, filtered keyboards like the rising sun glinting between tree trunks after a chemically enhanced night around a campfire; the whole disc achieves an engaging lightness of spirit without sacrificing the density crucial to good house. Unsurprisingly, Maeda also works as a yoga and meditation instructor–and the multimedia extravaganza he calls his Traveling Love Show purportedly combines those extramusical disciplines with other side trips, including drum circles and displays of visual and computer art, dance, and guerrilla theater. Saturday, January 19, 10 PM, Smart Bar, 3730 N. Clark; 773-549-4140.