An Orchid Show, like a vacation in Hawaii, is something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime–and, like contemporary Hawaii, an Orchid Show combines exquis ite beauty, Miami vulgarity, and unabashed camp. The appeal lies in Brigid Murphy’s rapidfire pacing and simultaneously luminous and goofy presence onstage as Milly May Smithy, as well as her sage curatorial choices. Here she uncannily joins the sublime–Na Pua O Hawaii, genuine Hawaiian hula dancers and drummers–with the absurd, the Wall of Sound Cadets Marching Band, a gathering of local rock musicians who re- create marching-band favorites with a twist. She also includes kitschy regulars, from her bizarre cousin Willy May (Consuelo Allen), known for her spoon-balancing tricks, to her male dancers the Coaldiggers, and a bevy of top-rated performance artists, filmmakers, and musicians: NPR favorite writer-performer-monologuist David Sedaris, the funny, ballistic Paula Killen, the Pansy Kings’ Edward Thomas-Herrera and David Kodeski, and the band Poi Dog Pondering. Together they make great entertainment, something that cannot always be said about performance art. Park West, 322 W. Armitage, 929-5959. Saturday, February 3, 8 PM (doors open 7 PM). $20. –Carmela Rago

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