Maybe last weekend’s heat made you miserable, but to me it’s just psychedelia weather. If you can’t afford a pile of drugs to go with your trippy music, the next best thing for softening up the old brain is a natural steam bath. So thanks to the Mirrors for booking this reunion tour–in support of the recent Birdman Records reissue of their 2001 disc A Green Dream–smack in the middle of the dog days. The Mirrors were the post-high school project of Greg Ashley, now best known as front man for the Gris Gris, and fans of their spooky psychedelic garage won’t be disappointed by the old band: A Green Dream is a wild, humid summer record, full of not-quite-laconic guitar riffs, luxuriant oriental noodlings, electrifying shifts into loud, hairy rock, and intoxicating patches of sunset-lovely major-chord radiance. Both groups have well-orchestrated songs, and the canny way the players feint and weave inside the arrangements is enough to summon little green dragons to dance in the heat shimmer. Ashley writes better lyrics now, narrating stories instead of just venting suburban-boy frustration, but some folks who’ve seen the Mirrors say they’re the better live show. The 7 Shot Screamers headline; opening are the Street Brats, Infected, the Rotten Fruits, and Expendable Youth. Sat 7/30, 6 PM, Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, 773-281-4444, $12.