Audience members aren’t purposely befuddled in this sketch show the way they were in Misled, but it’s still inspired by music of the 60s and marked by creative blocking and pacing–and it still showcases some of Chicago’s best comedic talent. The evening is bookended by sketches involving kids playing garage rock; in between are bits about a dunking booth (which is cleverly devised), drunken glory-day diatribes, unintelligible intellectual conversation, and a very funny office scene in which an amiable coworker freezes time to vent his self-loathing. The cast is still working through its delivery and the material, but the daring Misled 2 already offers original, artistic comedy. I Live Next Door to Horses opens. –Ryan Hubbard a The 3/2 performance of Misled 2 is replaced by Sandy Takes a Break. Then Misled returns through 3/30: Fri 10:30 PM, I.O., 3541 N. Clark, 773-880-0199, $14 (includes admission to Friday performances of Baby Wants Candy: The Rock Musical–see separate listing for I.O.).