August Strindberg’s early exercise in naturalism gets a muscular new voice in Christopher Grobe’s adaptation for the Organic Theater. Aside from a few locutions that are too modern, Grobe makes Strindberg’s occasionally overwrought passages hum. Ina Marlowe’s spare, elegant staging for Organic’s intimate space allows us to hear the unspoken tensions between the neurasthenic title character and her father’s groom, Jean. Ryan Kitley is particularly fine, capturing this complicated, vicious, foppish servant who justifiably believes that he deserves more than his current lot in life. Christy Koesters has some strong moments as the clear-eyed housekeeper in love with Jean. And Cheryle C. Caplinger gets Julie’s pinched china-doll demeanor down cold but pushes the histrionics a little too soon. Despite a few bobbles, this production holds the play’s thread taut over its two acts. Through 9/26: Wed-Sat 8 PM; Sun 3 and 7 PM. Organic Theater Company, Loyola University Chicago, Mertz Hall, studio theater, 1125 W. Loyola. 847-675-5167. $10-$20.