Zona Gale won a Pulitzer for this stage adaptation of her 1920 comic novel, about a thirtysomething woman living with her sister and domineering brother-in-law in a small town. The prize was a first for a woman, but historical curiosity is only the second-best reason to see Frank Merle’s revival for Keyhole Theatre Company, whose current season is devoted to Pulitzer winners. The best is Nicole Adelman’s performance as Lulu. The character’s insistence on being loved for herself after a lifetime of unappreciated service to others isn’t as dramatic as Nora slamming the door in A Doll’s House, but ultimately it carries genuine emotional heft. The other performers struggle to find a tone somewhere between flip humor and Babbitt-like faux piety. Through 12/18: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 7 PM. Josephinum, 1500 N. Bell, 773-805-5055. $15.