“Usually women don’t get on a motorcycle unless a man is involved,” observes Mary Scruggs near the beginning of her travelogue about Run for the Wall, an annual pilgrimage by a group of Vietnam-vet bikers to the D.C. war memorial. She rode not for one man but the lot of them, to collect their stories for a documentary. The flood of names (“road” names and real ones alike) and details sometimes threaten to overwhelm the narrative, as do occasional flashbacks to Scruggs’s complicated relationship with her father, now deceased. But Edward Thomas-Herrera’s simple staging and Scruggs’s self-aware yet warm persona make for an involving, witty, often insightful journey that pays unexpected emotional dividends. a See the Fillet of Solo Festival listing for a complete schedule of shows. Missing Man runs Fri-Sat 8/17-8/18, 8 PM, then Fri 8/24, 9 PM. Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 773-871-1212, $10-$15. –Kerry Reid