MOCK THE VOTE–DEMOCKRACY IN ACTION | The improvisers in this hour-long political comedy started out saddled with dull ideas by asking the late-night audience for suggestions. On the evening I attended this Slobodie Productions/Onion show, a Smurf party member still haunted by a childhood swim-trunk incident was challenging a skeet-shooting incumbent. When not relying on easy cynicism about dim-witted or womanizing politicians, the cast produced some fresh comedy from seemingly bland ideas. And in a commendable attempt to be scathing, they did make war in Aruba a campaign issue, but the comedy it inspired was more plodding than pointed. In the show’s anticlimactic end, the mock election was decided without audience participation, as if the ensemble recognized the crowd’s voter apathy. Through 10/23: Sat 11:30 PM. Then Mon 11/1, 8 PM. Theatre Building Chicago, 1225 W. Belmont, 773-327-5252 $12.