Pittsburgh’s Modey Lemon are that rare and glorious thing glimpsed from time to time creeping out of the primordial ooze of neo-garage: a bona fide new creature that is far, far more than the sum of its influences. I don’t much see the point of picking out individual sequences of genes in this trio’s weird DNA, but if you wanted to suggest that on occasion they sound a bit like the Soft Boys with a much more maniacal drummer, playing something like what Pink Floyd might have if Syd had stayed coherent well into 1976, I wouldn’t argue too much. Their forthcoming third album, The Curious City (Birdman), is a mannered minor masterpiece of trippy punk, ripping up the floorboards with tribal riffs and closing out with a 16-minute odyssey called “Trapped Rabbits” (which, like the cover art, has something to do with nightmares involving Watership Down). New Black and Stnnng open. Fri 8/12, 10 PM, Subterranean, 2011 W. North, 773-278-6600 or 800-594-8499, $8.