When an all-female cast throws bras into the seats (exchangeable later for free drinks) and punches a character representing “self-centered men,” the show’s theme might seem obvious. But in Moist, directed by Greg Mills and performed by the four talented Ragdolls, womanhood is far more complex. One self-described liberated woman admits she’s a “BJ junkie,” and speakers at a rally for mothers who also work outside the home lead the audience in a “We Are the World”-like chorus of “Fuck the Children.” Refreshingly, the show isn’t fixated on the feminine; interspersed with vignettes about a young girl’s “front butt” and a woman’s “damp lady basement” are equally hilarious sketches about racists, liars, funerals, and focus groups. A scene about babysitting doesn’t work, but otherwise the bits are consistent, the performers nimble and sharp–especially Emily Wilson, whose nuanced versatility is impressive. Passionate and forthright, the Ragdolls say much here about being a comedienne. Through 8/17: Thu 8 PM, I.O., 3541 N. Clark, 773-880-0199, $14.