I want my sons to see this. Having grown up with tin-pot Dubya, they need to know that public figures like William O. Douglas are possible. America’s longest-serving Supreme Court justice (1939-1975), Douglas championed the First Amendment, opposed segregation, propounded a right to privacy that included the bedroom, and survived two Republican impeachment attempts. His personal style was that of a New Deal Teddy Roosevelt: a supermasculine adventurer whose wilderness tramps made him a, well, natural conservationist. Playwright Douglas Scott strives against hagiography, pointing out the jurist’s many foibles, but complexity only makes him more heroic. Craig Spidle’s got a lifetime appointment to tour as Justice Douglas, if he wants it. Kurt Ehrmann and Carey Cannon provide strong backup–though Cannon’s sexier. –Tony Adler a Through 12/17: Wed 7:30 PM, Fri 8 PM, Sat 5 and 8:30 PM, Sun 3 and 7 PM, Apple Tree Theatre, 1850 Green Bay, ste. 100, Highland Park, 847-432-4335, $35-$45.