Playwrights Jed Alexander and Joe Kendall must be trying to set a weight record with their concept-heavy Shakespeare. My Richard is a fictional dress rehearsal of a one-man adaptation of Richard III performed by Glen the schizophrenic, whose “mental deformity” is meant to parallel the murderous king’s physical one. The 50-minute script is sketchy and implausible. This supposed dress rehearsal is presented to a live audience, yet actor, director, and stage manager spend half their time arguing as if no one else were there. Glen is told to follow any tangential thought his character’s monologues inspire, yet every time he does the rehearsal collapses into chaos. And his schizophrenic “fits,” which traumatize the stage manager, are little more than moments of enthusiasm over Shakespeare’s writing. Any larger ideas lurking in this script are lost in the incoherence. Through 8/10: Wed 7:30 PM. Lakeshore Theater, 3175 N. Broadway, 773-472-3492. $10-$15.