Nathan Fielder

On Nathan for You, now in its third season, Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder poses as an expert and helps small business owners revolutionize their fledgling concerns by coaching them to do things that are really, really ridiculous—like serving poop-flavored frozen yogurt, selling vouchers for booze to underage kids, or renaming a coffee shop Dumb Starbucks. Well, Dumb Starbucks wound up not being such a dumb idea. During the filming of the show’s second season, the media caught wind of the Dumb Starbucks location Fielder opened in LA’s affluent Los Feliz neighborhood, the story quickly went viral, and soon everyone found out that the show was behind the stunt. It raised Fielder’s profile, which is good because now more people are watching his extremely funny show. The downside: the more famous Fielder becomes, the harder it’ll be to find clueless business owners who aren’t onto his shtick. Ideally the show would last forever, but we should savor it while we can.

Premieres Thu 10/15, 9 PM, on Comedy Central