Neil Hamburger, aka Gregg Turkington Credit: Getty Images

Neil Hamburger is the Tony Clifton-like character of Gregg Turkington, a bumbling, drunken, pathetic comedian who has covered a lot of ground over the past two decades. He’s a prank phone call expert, a Tim & Eric sideman, and an awkward country singer. But what Hamburger has always been best at is being a horribly offensive stand-up comedian with incredibly poor timing. Whether he’s telling disgusting riddles about Michael Jackson or beating himself up about his adulterous ex-wife, this greasy, trembling man has but one mission: to make audiences squirm. He’s currently supporting his 12th full-length, First of Dismay, which came out last year on local label Drag City.

Sat 9/26, 10 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508,, $15. 21+