Neon Hunk, a young couple from Milwaukee, are probably the best-looking act in noise music right now, but you’d never know it from their stage show–they squeeze their cute faces into latex dummy heads that are split open to puke out fluorescent zebra-print bandannas. Donning knee and elbow pads and covering her hands and feet with socks, the woman (who goes by a bunch of monikers, among them Mothmaster and Jennifurmium) jerks around electrocution style while zapping out minimalist, butt-wiggling synth melodies; meanwhile, the guy (aka Mossmaster, Pink Diamond, and so on), sometimes dressed only in his BVDs, smacks the shit out of his drums. Both sing (and hiccup, and drool) through contact mikes they’ve hidden somewhere in their headgear, sounding like they’ve replaced their vocal cords with water-damaged talking-doll voice boxes. On their forthcoming CD, Smarmymob (Load), the average length of a hissyfit is about a minute–the longest drags on for a whopping 104 seconds–but each is remarkably well developed, less a snippet than a complete song. Despite some amazing energy, Neon Hunk sometimes overstays its welcome onstage, and its Gizmo vs. Spike ditties don’t gang up on you like they should, but since the duo plays as part of the Retropassion Cotillion–an all-night parade of bands and DJs that’s intended to be as much a make-out party as a show–it shouldn’t be too hard to fill in the blanks with some stranger-smooching. Also on the bill are Viki, an electronic twitch-core mistress from Detroit; Terror at the Opera, featuring Slumber Party’s Gretchen Gonzales; and locals Foamula. Friday, February 14, 8 PM, Pink Section, 3165 S. Archer; 773-927-0136.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Liz Armstrong.