Hedwig Dances
Hedwig Dances Credit: Eileen Ryan

Strength in numbers: that’s the idea behind FlySpace, a new consortium of four established dance troupes. Plain old strength marks the inaugural FlySpace Dance Series, which features a pair of companies performing on each of two consecutive weekends. This week, Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre debuts a charged duet by Hubbard Street alum Robyn Mineko Williams: in Unfix, beat-heavy postindustrial music by How to Destroy Angels powers a stylish, rhythmically detailed confrontation between two leggy women in short shorts. SPDW artistic director Joanna Rosenthal has also reworked last fall’s Altered, inspired by 9/11, for this show. Alternately hard-driving and nuanced, Altered embodies both the horror of the attack and its complex consequences. On the same program, Hedwig Dances performs two works: artistic director Jan Bartoszek’s Double Helix, a muscular, sensitive premiere that uses folded sheets of Tyvek to explore transformation, and Michel Rodriguez’s riveting Por Dentro (“Inside”).

The FlySpace series inaugurates the Pritzker as an enclosed dance venue, with performers and audience alike onstage. No worries about the elements, though—a glass wall, lowered at stage front, keeps you in heated comfort and provides a view of Millennium Park at dusk. The second bill (4/12-4/14) features Zephyr Dance in a new site-specific work by Michelle Kranicke and the Dance COLEctive in Margi Cole’s Moving Stories. Cole also dances her solo piece My Sufi Tale.