Alex Jones’s bad-neighbor drama has received great notices in London and LA, but I can’t see why. Though he shows a genuine feel for the learned and real helplessness of the very poor, this grim little fable plays like Planned Parenthood propaganda, simultaneously obvious and alarmist as it reveals the horrors of government-subsidized teen pregnancy and cohabitation. Young, expectant British couple Becky and Dan take up residence in a public-housing SRO, but their housewarming’s spoiled by music-blasting next-door menace Matt. Day in, day out the noise continues, slowly driving the couple barmy, until Matt himself enters the picture and things get even worse. Uninteresting and then unpleasant, this script has a blocking character who, for all his recognizability, is essentially an overgrown leaky faucet. Neither ugly onstage violence nor Joe Jahraus’s convincing performance as Matt can change that. Through 11/13: Wed-Thu 8 PM, Sat 11 PM. Profiles Theatre, 4147 N. Broadway, 773-549-1815. $13-$15.