With puppylike excitement, the San Francisco trio Numbers mixes electronics on the verge of meltdown with the more rhythmic elements of 70s no-wave. But they’re not just full of vim–they’re smart too. Their severe, cagily constructed tunes reach far beyond math rock’s dull precision and hardcore’s embarrassing feral rage, hitting a mark that’s brainy but still fun. The four tracks that constitute their first recording (soon to be released by Archigramophone, an experimental label in Portland, Oregon, as a split EP with Emergency) aren’t overburdened with mounting tension: “TV Life” begins to blister in the first measure, and “Too Cool to Say Hi” piles on the two-bit pop melodies from the get-go. Eric Landmark’s Moog quivers in and out of tune as if the power supply has gone bad, while his Buzzerk–a machine he constructed of loud metal buzzers–spazzes out, and guitarist Dave Broekema cranks up the dude effect with jagged chords and distorted riffs. Drummer and lead singer Indra Dunis forces out shrill, not-quite-human syllables while hauling ass on her kit, always a charming split second behind the rest of the song. It’s awfully sexy when a band can make you shake your rear without blatantly pushing your buttons. Saturday, December 29, 10 PM, Fireside Bowl, 2646 W. Fullerton; 773-486-2700.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Indra Dunis.