The John Dwyer I’ve come to know and love is a crotch-rubbin’, anal-expulsive SOB with no reverence for nuthin’: past projects include spazcore duo Pink and Brown and fake-German leather-daddy power-goth outfit Ziegenbock Kopf, and he’s still sweatin’ to the oldies in Coachwhips. But now he’s turned my world upside down with OCS, his duo with Patrick Mullins. They’ve both put in time in concrete-slab noise outfit Burmese, but here they play firefly-chasing, dilapidated-porch faux folk–there’s even a reasonably straight Elizabeth Cotten cover. Their new two-disc set 3 & 4, subtitled Songs About Death and Dying Vol. 3 and Get Stoved (Narnack), sounds like a lazy afternoon spent lying in a pasture full of Queen Anne’s lace–all lo-fi buzz and bumpkin twang, with muted, reedy vocals and gorgeous layers of shimmery acoustic guitar. Some of the lyrics are pretty twisted (“Snuck in through your kitchen door / Grabbed a knife from the top left drawer”), but even if you could decipher them without straining, their darkness would barely register: most of the music conjures tweeting birds and open gates, warm wind and waffle brunches. One of the few exceptions is “Greedy Happens”–while the boys sing about some poor cowboy getting dive-bombed by vultures, the ambling fingerpicked guitar drags and wobbles like a bald-tailed nag that’s ready to drop. And no, two CDs of this is not too much. Horizon headlines, Eric Landmark plays second, and Tres Ferocious opens. Thu 5/26, 8 PM, TwoThreeOneFive Gallery, 2315 W. Huron,, $6. All ages.