Joe Meno is a fine writer, and his latest work, performed by the Go Cougars! ensemble, can be both witty and moving. Fresh acting by the two leads helps: James Vickery is Guy, the sad-sack vinyl-record collector who fidgets while on the night shift of a help desk, contemplating his empty life, and Kara Peterson is Odile, the imaginative girl in the next cubicle who keeps asking him to dance. But Meno needs a strong director who’ll make judicious cuts, and James Van Buren isn’t up to the task. Whenever the action focuses on Guy and Odile, the show borders on brilliance–but whenever it steps into the world of Guy’s loser friends, it sinks into muck. Through 9/25: Thu-Sun 8 PM. Breadline Theatre, 1802 W. Berenice, 312-375-3105. $12.