ONE PERSON’S TRASH and SHARED PROPERTY, at the Playground Theater. Improvisers and postal carriers alike should be prepared for any eventuality–but inclement weather might’ve gotten the better of Noah Gregoropoulos and Linda Orr in One Person’s Trash, the opening set of this double bill. Their insistence on clinging to low-energy characters didn’t help on a night when the theater’s air-conditioning broke down and the control booth seemed about to melt into a puddle. It was especially tough to watch Gregoropoulos school the younger Orr on her factual gaffes (confusing “Lufthansa” with “Luftwaffe,” for example), and their piece was hampered throughout by poor communication.

Immediately following is Shared Property–another 30 minutes of loose improv, here by Megan Hovde and Jordan Klepper. Evenly matched in terms of physicality and improvisational method, they build on a single audience suggestion using an interesting structure: dry monologues initiate character-rich scenes. On the night I attended, they settled into a comfortable rhythm early on, then drew the piece to a hilarious close with a depiction of two lovers in bed, unable to touch each other after a night of awkward sexual role-playing. A certain degree of experimentation should be assumed with a late-night, midweek production like this, and Shared Property is proudly unveiling its findings. But One Person’s Trash is still testing its hypothesis.