Those of us who love rock ‘n’ roll on the usual blindered, tautological level (because it is rock ‘n’ roll)–and can never really “get” jazz, or classical, or whatever simply because the idiom seems alien–can take heart in the Ordinaires, a nine-piece group from New York’s Lower East Side. This unholy aggregation–two guitars, two violins, two saxes, two basses (well, OK, a bass and a cello) and drums–traffics in a groovy blend of post-Contortions avant-whatever and neo-Bartokian movie pop even as they (remember those guitars) rock out. All of this is great fun in a club–particularly when they cover “Kashmir”–and about the same on record, notably their newest, One, which mixes post-Beefheartian thrust with Ur-Debussyan parries and, yes, rocks out, particularly when they cover “Kashmir.” Tonight, Lounge Ax, 2438 N. Lincoln; 525-6620.