Steppenwolf mounted this play in 1985, and I’m still not over it. Honestly. As directed by Gary Sinise, Lyle Kessler’s unassuming tale of two nearly feral brothers and the mysterious businessman who befriends them was and remains among the most devastating things I’ve seen onstage. Now, only 21 years later, the RiMeChi Theatre Company dares debut with Orphans. And? The problem isn’t just that RiMeChi’s version doesn’t measure up to Steppenwolf’s. It’s that director Tom Reedy doesn’t have the minimum resources to do the play at all. Take costuming. In Orphans, clothes signify. Lacking or having the right ones is a crucial motif. Reedy’s shoestring substitutions negate that motif. The set fails similarly. This script demands either more money or more cunning. Through 9/9: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM, City Lit Theater Company, Edgewater Presbyterian Church, 1020 W. Bryn Mawr, 312-324-0362, $15.