Credit: Celine Loup

You might be wondering why, in the week that the NATO summit has arrived in all its diplomatic, paranoia-inducing, protester-luring glory, we at the Reader have devoted so much ink to the topic of travel.

Well, it’s pretty obvious. What better occasion to break for the hills of Louisville—or break the bank at the casinos of northwest Indiana —than the clusterfuck of a weekend Chicago is (maybe) about to endure?

In fantasizing about where we might go this weekend if we could leave—and keeping that fantasy in check, meaning within a reasonable budget—we compiled three itineraries for $100, $200, and $300, along with a wildcard one. Of course, feel free to take us up on these trips all summer long. And feel free to take us with you.

As far as what to do when you’re not shacked up in a southern Illinois castle or chasing butterflies in Lake Forest, we’ve gone to the trouble of picking out a summery thing worth exploring on each of the 110 days between now and Labor Day.

May your summer—or at least your options for enjoying it—be endless. Mara Shalhoup

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