Jon Ginoli’s first band with the Outnumbered, a Champaign-based power pop quartet that favored the crisp guitar lines, keening, melodic vocals, and unflappable backbeat beloved of such aggregations across the country. The band never really got know outside the midwest, but left one fairly winning LP, Why Are All the Good People Going Crazy, on Homestead, in its wake. Ginoli went west, where he now works for a record distributor in San Francisco and fronts a marvelously good-humored and assertively gay band called Pansy Division. Unsurprisingly, the band plays power pop, though in a more rough-hewn, lo-fi version than the Outnumbered’s. I haven’t heard the band’s first album, Undressed, but the singles Ginolis been putting out see the trio tripping through amusing but still assertive and explicit gay tales with titles like “Bill and Ted’s Homosexual Adventure” (“Hey dude, 69!”) and “Touch My Joe Camel” (“I like having one in my mouth”). This is the group’s first appearance in town; it’s a presentation of Homocore Chicago. Thursday, October 7, Czar Bar, 1814 W. Division; 772-5453.