Loosely structured on the utopia/dystopia dichotomy, this may be Chicago Filmmakers curator Patrick Friel’s strongest group show so far: more than half of the 15 films and videos are superb. Luis Recoder’s Interlace (2002) seeks heaven with its cloudlike shapes and wispy, sweeping lines that invoke the infinite. Robert Mead’s haikulike Night Wake (2002) offers a humorous transition from mystery to banality as white dots on black lead to a green inflatable life preserver on water. In the most dystopian work, Leslie Thornton’s Paradise Crushed (2002), the natural optimism of children butts up against ruined buildings–and a toaster. Most affecting is Julie Murray’s Untitled (Blood) (2002), a meditation on 9/11 in which the sun moving across the Empire State Building leads to a quest for refuge in some lovely light studies that end with blood falling into water. 81 min. Chicago Filmmakers.