Matty Ryan
Matty Ryan Credit: Sam Ash McHale

I know this is not the most groundbreaking observation, but for a culturally engaged human living in an urban area, it is advisable to have a calendar of free or cheap regular events. That way, when friends or family come to visit, you can suddenly look like the culturally engaged urban-dwelling human you aspire to be, instead of the vaguely sad-feeling, Netflix-bingeing worm that you really are.

Anyway, I have a new thing to add to the roster, and you should think of doing this instead of queuing up Orange Is the New Black. Parlour Car is a weekly stand-up show at Bar DeVille produced by an experienced trio of comedians: the charming bros Matty Ryan and Kenny DeForest, and Adam Burke, the longtime host of Cole’s open mike. Like the velvet-accented back-room saloon where the show takes place, it is classy, comfortable, and totally affordable since it’s free. Now in its sixth month, Parlour Car is reliably curated, with at least one of the amiable hosts making an appearance.

The comedians who will hit the stage this week include out-of-towners and some of the best in the city: Chicago’s unnerving Junior Stopka and adorable Will Miles, and LA’s Brendan McGowan, who’s returning home to perform with Brandie Posey, cohost of the Lady to Lady podcast. Be sure to check out Parlour Car’s past events on Facebook if you want to see a sweet photo collection of eagles attacking each other and other animals.