Sirens, the all-women improv troupe, just keeps getting better. Now six years old, the group shapes its creative, rich comedy well, skewering the everyday grandiosity, quirks, foibles, and self-delusions of ordinary people. In their newest long-form improv show every scene ends on a laugh: they’ve thoroughly mastered timing. Paso Doble begins from the seed of an audience suggestion, which gets turned into a monologue, which becomes a scene. By the end of the show I saw, the performers had somehow woven together Reno, TiVo, cats, the Messiah, dream catchers, and Catherine T. and John D. MacArthur into an interesting, multilayered story. This is comedy for the NPR set: smart, sexy, engaging, and very, very funny. Through 9/16: Fri 10:30 PM. Playground Theater, 3209 N. Halsted, 773-509-6433. $8-$12.