Chicago’s got plenty of noise nerds, they’ve got relatively little to fuel their angst compared to Matt Taggart, aka (unfortunately) Pop Culture Rape Victim, a resident of lonely Billings, Montana. While many harsh electronic artists take their sweet time building up to a crushing climax, Taggart heads straight out of the pen with enough thunder and lightning to startle even the most die-hard masochist. Like some prehistoric predator he tears unflinchingly through the meat of his soundscapes–he’s so ridiculously brutal it’s actually uplifting. Though constant berserking can be almost as boring as minimalist pitter-patter, Taggart’s not an evil punisher, he’s just blindly fierce–not a hair more nihilistic than Mother Nature herself. Wednesday, May 28, 8 PM, Deadtech, 3221 W. Fullerton; 773-395-2844.