Peter Dombrowe’s humorous, sometimes bizarre photographs of Hamburg and environs, part of the five-photographer show “Utopia’s Backyard” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, speak to the artificiality of the modern urban landscape. Two workmen in Klinkerarbeiten attach faux-brick tiles to the side of a building that’s mostly covered with them, revealing that what appears to be masonry is an illusion. Wohnwagen auf Dach shows a flimsy-looking prefab house with a trailer home perched on its roof, as if the larger structure has just given birth. And in Sperrmull Marl a heap of what seems to be trash is framed so that one looks past it toward parked cars and trees. The theatrical qualities of all these images depict the built world as a series of manufactured arrangements in which hierarchies are upended and everything seems equally worthy–here even junk seems to belong center stage. Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, 600 S. Michigan, through July 2. Hours are 10 to 5 Monday through Wednesday, 10 to 8 Thursday, 10 to 5 Friday, and noon to 5 Saturday; 312-663-5554 or 312-344-7104.