Although it sounds like it yet another expensive sneaker shop, this boutique-gallery hybrid is actually a showcase for the work of local designer Robin Kyle, who once had a line at Henri Bendel and used to create pieces for Ultimo’s house label. She puts together a collection of one-of-a-kind hand-sewn designs based on a theme and displays them against a backdrop of work by an artist chosen in collaboration with Lauren Pacheco and Peter Kepha of the Bridgeport art gallery 32nd & Urban. The collection and art turn over once a month. Until January 17, the space features “Backtalk,” Kyle’s fur and feather creations, including a little collar of gray swakara and chinchilla adorned with a matching fabric flower ($900), a massive wreath of rooster feathers ($300), and a wrap of embroidered obi fabric topped with purple fox that manages to look both demure and over-the-top ($3,500). The accompanying art, by Kepha, has a strong graffiti and street influence, an intentional contrast to the ladylike aesthetic of Kyle’s garments. Every “phase” will also feature a selection of more affordable items; right now there are splatter-painted tees for $35. The shop takes advantage of crowds at nearby restaurants with evening hours: Wednesday-Friday 5-10 PM, Saturday 1-10 PM, and Sunday 1-5 PM. —Heather Kenny