Credit: Rick Aguilar

For those who dream of living inside a Miami house with a suite of Chippendale chairs and a loud sofa—and where it never stopped being 1987—there can be no entertainment more joyous than this sequel to last year’s smash from Hell in a Handbag Productions, The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes. Picture it: three women of a certain age who no longer feel like hiding their unflagging desires And make the women drag queens. David Cerda
(also the playwright), Grant Drager, and Ed Jones play the blessed TV
trinity of Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose, respectively, to the hilt, with
Adrian Hadlock as Sophia. The belle of the ball is Jones’s superlative
Rose. Two years ago, reviewing a previous Handbag drag extravaganza, Scooby Don’t, I saw Jones play Cher. Now I’ve seen everything.

Cerda’s play is in three parts, or “episodes,” each one loonier than the
last; in the finale, for instance, Rose is put on trial by a covert Swedish
police force for allegedly murdering a cow who plays the harmonica. The
whole show is a vehicle for the cast’s antics, pure and simple, and there’s
a ton of them, all more or less outrageously satisfying. There are also no
fewer than four breaks in the action for audience trivia, with questions
like, “What show did Rue McClanahan star in before Golden Girls?” Be
forewarned: the crowd on my night could be ruthless about wrong answers.
(“Oh, boo!” “It’s Maude!” “What kind of gay doesn’t know that?”)   v