Politics is easy when you’re angry. Demonize your opponent and you free yourself from accountability. Playwright Naomi Wallace doesn’t allow herself that luxury. Her work is confrontational precisely because her depictions of the “enemy” aren’t. Though no stranger to fervor, Wallace understands that class systems, ideologies, economic philosophies, and social roles are too fluid and complex for blithe contempt. She has the audacity to ask a question when it’d be more convenient and satisfying to make a statement. The London-based MacArthur “genius” award winner comes to town for One Playwright: A Conversation With Naomi Wallace—a forum moderated by the Goodman Theatre’s director of new play development, Tanya Palmer. The event is part of Eclipse Theatre’s all-Wallace 2011 season and will feature scenes from the company’s spring show, One Flea Spare, its current production of The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, and its upcoming The Fever Chart. A staged reading of Wallace’s latest, And I and Silence, follows the forum at 2PM. —Dan Jakes Sat 8/27, 12:30 PM, Greenhouse Theatre Center, 2257 N. Lincoln, 773-325-9655, eclipsetheatre.com, $10 suggested donation.