If Judith Harding’s body language weren’t so expressive, her replications of autism and cerebral palsy in this solo show would be appalling. But a disarming candor is characteristic of this performer, who in You Are Here recounted her own adventures in psycholand with never a tear or sermon. In this piece she adopts the straightforward tone of a capable nanny and relates stories of the mentally and physically impaired people she teaches: the students in her shaving-cream sculpture class, the gangsta-rap wannabes foiled by their do-rags, the players in a dramatization of “The Three Little Pigs” who stage a spontaneous Trump takeover. For those who prefer beauty to truth, Harding dances between segments with a Mylar curtain that shimmers like a Botticelli veil. Through 2/25: Fri 7:30 PM. Chicago Moving Company’s Performance Studio, Hamlin Park field house, 3035 N. Hoyne, 773-878-3988. $10-$12.