I’m suspicious of the rash of supergroup-style noise collaborations, but there are a couple promising candidates on this solid bill. At past performances the guys in MILTON–Milwaukee noise duo Mildew plus Mat Rademan, aka Newton, of Pennsylvania’s Breathmint Records–have dressed in thermal undies and rubbed blood all over one another or put on suits and pretended to do office work, and this one will allegedly have something to do with Abraham Lincoln. Named after a line of Freddy Krueger dialogue, Detroit trio CLINICAL CUNT (whose members include dance-noise spaz queen Viki and grumbly shuffler Mammal) reportedly messes with samples of the scarred slasher while abusing a blender, throwing in any ol’ thing–comestibles, beer, a shoe–and forcing audience members to drink the resulting cocktail. POD BLOTZ is photographer Suzy Poling, a former Chicagoan who creates a droning psychoscape from manipulated reel-to-reel tape, rumbly synths, melodic organ, and tortured-critter vocals, sometimes pushing the whole thing with a hot beat. This is her first show here since she moved a few years ago, and an exhibit of her ethereal and disturbing color-saturated photos opens at Zg Gallery on Friday. Panicsville despot Andy Ortmann rounds out the bill as FASHION DICTATOR, his electro alter-ego: “It’s the thing that’s going to make me famous in Europe,” he says, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Set order hadn’t been determined at press time. a 9:45 PM, Nihilist, 2255 S. Michigan, 4E, 312-567-9407, $5 suggested donation. A