The Polish Film Festival, which is being presented by the Art Institute’s Film Center and the Polish Museum of America in cooperation with WPNA radio, concludes this weekend, running Friday through Sunday, October 6 through 8. Screenings will be at the Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence, and at the Film Center, Columbus Drive at Jackson. Tickets for any single evening (two film programs) at the Copernicus Center are $6. Tickets for screenings at the Film Center are $5, $3 for Film Center members. For further information call 443-3733.


CITIZEN P. Jerzy Stefan Stawinski adapted his own novel, Piszczyk’s Sad Destiny Continued, for Andrzej Kotkowski’s film about a hard-luck hero in postwar Poland. Early in his adult life, Piszczyk gets thrown in prison by postwar communist authorities for supposedly not adapting to the new ways of life; later, his girlfriend hails him as a victim of Stalinism and a revolutionary activist, which leads to another arrest. “Where are you going? Right or left?” asks a stranger toward the end of the film, after the hero has related all his mishaps in flashback form–the tragicomic misadventures of a man who usually gets in trouble for doing what he thinks is expected of him. “I don’t know,” Citizen P. replies, and the film’s wry position is not to know either. Watchable if predictable, as well as a bit contrived in spots, this dark comedy is certainly Polish to the core in its caustic ironies. (Film Center, 6:00)

SOCCER POKER Janusz Zaorski’s film, scripted by Jan Purzycki, deals with an underhanded method of manipulating soccer matches that is undertaken by a well-known soccer referee and his friend. With Janusz Gajos and Malgorzata Pieczynska. (Copernicus Center, 7:00)

THE FABULOUS JOURNEY OF BALTHAZAR KOBER Set in the 16th century, this new feature by Wojciech Has (The Saragossa Manuscript, The Sandglass), based on a novel by Frederick Tristan, describes the fantastic adventures and education on the road of a young German during the time of the Black Death (1988). (Film Center, 8:00)

STRICKEN The U.S. premiere of a feature by former scriptwriter and film critic Wieslaw Saniewski. Made in 1981, Stricken depicts a multifaceted crisis that comes about when a well-known doctor is accused of murdering his terminally ill and mentally disturbed wife. (Copernicus Center, 9:00)


NEW POLISH SHORTS Eight Polish shorts made between 1983 and 1988: Bogdan Dziworski’s A Few Stories About a Man, Andrzej Titkow’s Pro Toto, Jerzy Kalina’s The Miners’ Shift, Krzysztof Kiwerski’s Zero Option, Kazmierz Konrad’s C-Minor Impressions, Tadeusz Palka’s Hope, Krzysztof Lang’s Tango Aconcagua, and Piotr Dumala’s Walls. (Film Center, 4:00)

SOCCER POKER See listing for Friday, October 6. (Film Center, 6:00)

UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS Andrzej Domalik’s film about the last years before World War II as seen from the vantage point of artists in southern Poland. Adapted from a novel by Michal Choromanski by Wladyslaw Terlecki; with Jan Nowicki (1988). (Copernicus Center, 7:00)

CUSTODY Wieslaw Saniewski’s feature, said to be the first treatment of prison life in Poland in a fiction film, focuses on a recently married and pregnant woman (Ewa Blaszczyk) convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to life imprisonment who gives birth to her baby in prison. Made in 1983 and released two years later, the film won a prize at the Mannheim film festival in 1985. Saniewski will be present at the screening. (Film Center, 8:00)

THE MAGNATE The hero of Filip Bajon’s new Polish feature is Hans Friedrich von Tuess XVII, who tries every means at his disposal to preserve his family’s wealth and position during the convulsions of 20th-century Poland. With Jan Nowicki, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, and Boguslaw Linda (1987). (Copernicus Center, 9:00)


ART OF LOVE Jacek Bromski’s new feature concerns one Dr, Grasshopper, doctor of sexology and TV personality, who finds himself impotent. Following the advice of his psychoanalyst, he convinces a young woman he knows to move in with him, and then gets involved with his tennis coach’s mistress. With Piotr Michalica, Joanna Trzepiecinska, and Anna Romantowska. (Copernicus Center, 4:00)

THE FABULOUS JOURNEY OF BALTHAZAR KOBER See listing for Friday, October 6. (Film Center, 4:00)

CITIZEN P. See listing for Friday, October 6. (Copernicus Center, 6:00)

STRICKEN See listing for Friday, October 6. (Film Center, 6:00)