The 15th annual Polish Film Festival in America, produced by the Society for Arts, continues Friday through Sunday, November 14 through 16, at the Society for Arts, 1112 N. Milwaukee. All programs are projected from video, and tickets are $7; for more information call 773-486-9612. Unless otherwise noted, all films are in Polish with subtitles.


Algeria: The Nameless War

Agnieszka Lukasiak directed this 2002 documentary about young people amid the empty nightlife of Algeria. In English. 80 min. (7:00)

Short documentaries, program one

Two films produced for Poland’s Channel One: Kill Him, directed by Athena Sawidis and Grzegorz Siedlecki, examines the case of an ex-policeman who was jailed for involuntary manslaughter. In Gapa Thief, Monica Gorska profiles a professional thief who’s spent about half his life in prison. 82 min. (9:00)


Films by Andres Bukowinski

Born in Poland in 1940, Andres Bukowin-ski began his advertising career in Argentina, won numerous international awards for his commercials, later moved to Brazil, and began reacquainting himself with Poland in the 90s. He’ll appear at this screening of Andrzej Bart’s English-language documentary Maestro. Andres Bukowinski: His Life and His Films (2001, 27 min.) and introduce an hour-long program of his commercials, shot between 1964 and the present. (6:30)


Juliusz Machulski will attend this screening of his feature about a young movie critic who accepts an offer from a wealthy backer to write a screenplay for the man’s fiancee, an aspiring actress. 99 min. (9:00)


Animated Polish Fables

Three animated films produced by the Poznan studio: Artur Wrotniewski’s Cobbler Dratewka, Andrzej Kukula’s On Bartek the Doctor, and Jacek Adamczak’s Glass Mountain. 60 min. (1:00)

Short documentaries, program two

Three films from 2002, all without subtitles: Malgorzata Kozera’s 25 Married Couples and 1 Threesome, Grzegorz Pacek’s Wapienna Street, and Jacek Hugo-Bader’s The Castle. 65 min. (3:00)

Short documentaries, program three

Three films produced in 2002 for Poland’s Channel Two, the first two without subtitles: Pawel Lozinski’s My Stock Taking in the Village of Lezno Male, Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz and Joanna Slawinska’s Who, What and What Relation Is In?, and Jacek Blawut’s A Native Country. 76 min. (5:00)

Noble Virgins

Jerzy Sladkowski directed this 2002 documentary about the Maryinskije Institute, a finishing school for young Russian virgins. In English. 52 min. (7:00)