The 12th annual Polish Film Festival in America, produced by the Society for Arts, continues Friday through Sunday, November 17 through 19. All screenings are by video projection at the Society for Arts, 1112 N. Milwaukee. Tickets are $8; passes are also available. For more information call 773-486-9612.


The Black Barons

A 57-minute unsubtitled documentary, about soldiers who were sent to slave-labor camps between 1949 and 1959, directed by Wanda Rozycka-Zborowska. On the same program, a 34-minute documentary, Silesian Texas. (8:00)

Spoiling the Fun

A 54-minute unsubtitled documentary from 1999, about the most famous generation of students, including Roman Polanski, to graduate from the Lodz film school. On the same program, two shorter documentaries, also unsubtitled: Polish Radio Days and Such a Transversal Man. (10:00)


The Purim Miracle

An unemployed anti-Semite in Lodz discovers that his parents were Jewish and that he’s inherited a lot of money from distant relatives in the U.S. Izabella Cywinska directed this 57-minute film. On the same program, Janusz Kondratiuk’s 58-minute unsubtitled The Night of Santa Claus, a comedy about a jailbird who agrees to play Santa at an orphanage. (7:30)

Looking at You, Mary

A 67-minute film from 1999, directed by Lukasz Barczyk. On the same program, Krzysztof Bukowski’s unsubtitled 23-minute Janusz Kaminski, a documentary portrait of the Hollywood cinematographer. (10:00)


The King of Falcons

A 93-minute unsubtitled feature for children, directed by Vaclav Voricek. (2:00)

Arkadius, Wild Orchid Dreams

A 55-minute documentary by Tomasz Magierski about an artist who grew up in a small town under communism. On the same program, a 34-minute documentary, Life, Love, Death. (4:15)

Portrait of a Man With Nymphs in the Background

A half-hour documentary about a former photographer of nude women and his middle-aged former models, directed by Krzysztof Rogulski. On the same program, two other short documentaries, The Absurd Cabaret and 8 Decagrams to Gold. (6:30)