The 18th Polish Film Festival in America continues Friday, November 10, through Sunday, November 19, with screenings of contemporary features and TV documentaries. Veteran director Filip Bajon (Spring to Come) will appear at two weekend screenings of his new crime drama The Foundation (110 min.), about a con man planning a job while he’s being held as a suspect in another crime (Sat 11/11, 7 PM, Copernicus Center; Sun 11/12, 7 PM, Portage). Piotr Adamczyck, who portrayed young Karol Wojtyla in the Italian biopic Karol: A Man Who Became Pope, will appear in person for the festival screening of the sequel, Karol: The Pope, the Man (183 min.), which covers the events of John Paul II’s pontificate (Sun 11/12, 2:30 PM, Copernicus Center). In Jan Jakub Kolski’s Jasminum (107 min.), a painter and her young daughter disrupt the solitude of an ancient monastery; Andrea Gronvall recommends the film, writing that it “blends magical realism with elements of the mystery genre. . . . In this gorgeous fable the spiritual and the erotic balance like notes in a fine perfume” (Sun 11/12, 5 PM, Portage). And Felix Falk’s The Collector (2005, 93 min.) is the story of a merciless repo man; Ronnie Scheib writes that “the camera, galvanized from first frame to last by the extraordinary performance of Andrzej Chrya as the zealous collector, restlessly roams a colorless Poland ravaged by economic insecurity” (Thu 11/16, 7:30 PM, Beverly Arts Center).

For the compete festival schedule visit Call 773-486-9612 for tickets. a Beverly Arts Center, 2407 W. 111th, 773-445-3838; Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence, 773-777-9438; Portage, 4050 N. Milwaukee, 773-736-4050; Society for Arts, 1112 N. Milwaukee, 773-486-9612; $10 for features, $8.50 for documentaries; $45 for a five-film pass.